About Us

Education Lighthouse is a specialist company that excels in brokering relationships between universities, colleges and institutions that satisfy the strategic needs of both partners.

First up, we have an outstanding network of contacts in the world of international education, built up accumulatively over 35 years.

Secondly, here at Education Lighthouse we know that no two institutions have the same requirements, so we offer solutions that are completely bespoke, and totally in keeping with the ethos, the programmes and the financial requirements of your institution.

The third thing we would say is that many of the solutions we have arrived at for our clients have been totally ground-breaking. We specialise in brokering solutions that are genuinely pioneering in nature.

And last but not least, we have got a track record that totally speaks for itself. The introductions we have made, the partnerships we have put in place and the long-term relationships we have brokered have paid for themselves many times over.

The bottom line is that outsourcing your recruitment strategy or recruiting is not just the financially-savvy way to go, but frees up your staff to focus on indigenous tasks and in terms of return on investment, simply no other approach will prove as fruitful.

Education Lighthouse is one of the most respected companies working today in the field of international student recruitment.

The company was established by Paul Mullally, who has over 15 years’ experience in this area, and is one of the most well-known and respected figures within the sector.

The company initially operated on a trans-global level establishing a range of contacts and colleges that is the envy of our competitors.

While based in Dublin, Ireland, we spend the vast majority of our time working in our various international markets – both with existing clients and with targeted educational institutions that we believe can be of service to our clients in the future.

Our history of achievement and success have been very firmly built on a platform of offering our clients a highly personalised approach. We are listeners, first and foremost, and spend a huge amount of time getting to grips with the true requirements of the colleges we work with – whether as donor institutions or receiving institutions.

We then look to develop highly specific solutions that satisfy the sometimes conflicting needs of both partner colleges.

Key Benefits

Our vision is to be the strategic partner of choice for ambitious educational institutions who wish to forge profitable strategic relationships to boost student numbers and increase their global footprint.

Save Money and Time

Make considerable financial savings and increase the return on your investment, while also availing of unrivalled expertise in the area of international recruitment.

Increase Your Global Footprint

Benefit from our vast international network of contacts and our expertise in brokering relationships with the widest possible spectrum of educational institutions around the world.

Build Long-term Partnerships

Save considerable levels of time in administration and benefit from our expertise curriculum development with partners.

Get Real Results and diversify your markets

We believe in benchmarking our results against the very best of international standards, and striving for continuous improvement in terms of our outcomes.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Develop your sustainable approach to international recruitment by having a representative in Europe or in another region. At the same time, reduce your cost of travel and time wasted on travel.