About Us

A team with different backgrounds and expertise

Education Lighthouse is a highly regarded company that specializes in international student recruitment and partnerships. With expertise in facilitating connections between universities, colleges, and institutions, we prioritize the strategic needs of all parties involved. Our solutions are tailor-made, aligning perfectly with your institution’s values, programs, and financial requirements.
Founded by Paul Mullally, a prominent and respected figure in the field with over 15 years of experience, Education Lighthouse originally operated from Dublin, Ireland. However, we have expanded our team to include professionals based in France, Spain, Canada, and the Philippines. This diverse and multilingual team brings together complementary expertise, allowing us to provide comprehensive and flexible solutions to our clients.
Our track record is built on a foundation of personalized service. We prioritize listening and invest significant time to truly understand the requirements of the colleges we collaborate with, whether they are donor or receiving institutions.
By outsourcing your recruitment strategy or recruitment process to us, you not only make a financially savvy choice but also free up your staff to focus on core tasks. In terms of return on investment, no other approach will prove as fruitful as partnering with Education Lighthouse.

Key Benefits

Our vision is to be the strategic partner of choice for ambitious educational institutions who wish to forge profitable strategic relationships to boost student numbers and increase their global footprint.

Save Money and Time

Make considerable financial savings and increase the return on your investment, while also availing of unrivalled expertise in the area of international recruitment.

Increase Your Global Footprint

Benefit from our vast international network of contacts and our expertise in brokering relationships with the widest possible spectrum of educational institutions around the world.

Build Long-term Partnerships

Save considerable levels of time in administration and benefit from our expertise curriculum development with partners.

Get Real Results and diversify your markets

We believe in benchmarking our results against the very best of international standards, and striving for continuous improvement in terms of our outcomes.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Develop your sustainable approach to international recruitment by having a representative in Europe or in another region. At the same time, reduce your cost of travel and time wasted on travel.