Our Services

These are three main services that we offer. We offer them individually or as a combination.


We have had clients from the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. We have worked with institutions and agencies from all corners of the globe such as North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.


Universities or Education Organisations often have projects within the international education sphere that they need help with. Education Lighthouse can help with many of these projects by offering short, medium or long term consultancy. Education Lighthouse would manage the project on your behalf or be involved in the project to whatever level of input is desired by a client. Education Lighthouse is also partnered with expert consultants all over the world so if there is a specific field a project requires expertise in, Education Lighthouse can source the right people or resources to deliver the project to the highest of standards.

Examples of University consultancy could be:

  • Giving guiding points for your international strategy & helping implement them
  • Helping to market and recruit for existing programmes
  • Creating new and innovative programmes (FYSA, summer schools, etc.)
  • Identifying new partners in a particular subject area from a particular region
  • Attending student fairs on your behalf when there is a lack of staffing
  • Representing at international conferences to achieve pre-approved goals

Examples of Educational Organisations/Companies consultancy could be:

  • Making connections with different universities throughout the world
  • Giving you guiding points for your international market strategy
  • Developing existing relationships to get a deal over the line
  • Acting as an intermediary between the institution and the organisation
  • Opening up opportunities for new business development in different regions
  • Converting new business opportunities


Universities tend to want to increase their global footprint in particular regions when it comes to student mobility. Lighthouse can do this by representing you in a particular region/regions. This is quite useful for a university that wants to increase student mobility volume while not having to pay for a full time member of staff. Lighthouse can represent you in a particular region by being an outsourced member of staff or being an additional resource for your international office:

  • Identifying new universities / providers / agents for your University to partner with
  • Visiting new partners to do student fairs on your behalf
  • Counselling students and parents about your institution
  • Follow your strict branding guidelines and USP messages in a professional manner
  • Provide updates on the success of the mobility of students within your existing and new network of partners


Many universities have partnerships with universities, education providers and educational agents. Often universities can be overwhelmed by the amount of work involved in keeping these partnerships relevant and alight. It can often be a full time job managing these partnerships. Here at Education Lighthouse we take the hard part of partnership management out by taking over the management of these partnerships for you. Depending on your needs, we do this by:

  • Having constant contact with your partners via phone, email and visits.
  • Dealing with all their queries from general to high-level specific needs
  • Relay your branding and messages to the partners
  • Identify opportunities for you within existing relationships such as articulations, double degrees, top-ups, blended learning, specific projects and other innovative solutions
  • Provide regular updates in relation to progress
  • Improve mobility of students within the partnership by having relevant marketing materials and strategy in place